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Name: Amza Line Invest SRL
CUI: 42460594
Trade Register Number: J22/948/2020
Address: Aleea Tudor Neculai no. 123, pp. 1009, sc. A, ap. 1, cam. 1, Iași, Romania
Share capital 200 lei

To prevent any further problems, please read the terms and conditions of accessing the mulajeinedite.ro website and placing orders.

 1. Copyright

All materials posted on this site (images, texts, logos, graphics) are the property of Amza Line Invest SRL and/or its producers/suppliers and are protected by copyright law (Law No. 8/1996), their reproduction or use without the written consent of the owner being prohibited.

Extract from Law 8/1996

“Art. 1. (1) The copyright on a literary, artistic or scientific work, as well as on other works of intellectual creation is recognized and guaranteed under the conditions of this law. This right is related to the person of the author and includes moral and patrimonial attributes.

(2) The work of intellectual creation is recognized and protected, independent of bringing it to public knowledge, by the simple fact of its realization, even unfinished.

Art. 7. The original works of intellectual creation in the literary, artistic or scientific field are the object of copyright, whatever the way of creation, the way or the form of expression and independent of their value and destination. ”

Any abuse will be reported to the authorities, including reporting to Google for “duplicate content”.

2. Security of personal data

According to the requirements of Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, amended and supplemented, Amza Line Invest SRL has the obligation to manage in safe conditions and only for the specified purposes, the personal data we provide. 

The purpose of data collection is: providing services and products according to the current offer, issuing invoices on behalf of customers and according to their orders and promoting products through specific marketing actions (mail, newsletter, telephone).

If you want to be our customer, then you need to provide us with the correct data in order to be able to identify the recipient of the products provided and to issue invoices on your behalf (as a customer).

The refusal determines the impossibility of supplying the ordered products. We assure you that all information recorded in our system will only be processed for the purposes mentioned above.

Everyone has the right to object, free of charge and without any justification, to the processing of his personal data for direct marketing purposes.

According to Law no. 677/2001, you benefit from the right of access, of intervention on the data, the right not to be subjected to an individual decision and the right to go to court.

At the same time, you have the right to object to the processing of personal data concerning you and to request the deletion of data. To exercise these rights, you can address a written request, dated and signed at contact@mulajeinedite.ro or in writing at:

Attention: Amza Line Invest SRL, Aleea Tudor Neculai no. 123, pp. 1009, sc. A, ap. 1, cam. 1, Iași, Romania.

3. Site content 

The photos presented on the site are informative and do not constitute a contractual obligation, there may be differences from the actual product. Amza Line Invest SRL declines responsibility for any technical defects or errors of any kind in the presentation of information on the site and for any possible damage to the user that may arise from it.

Amza Line Invest SRL declines responsibility for the content of the sites reached by users through links on the mulajeinedite.ro website. The owners of these sites are solely and fully responsible for the information provided.

4. Settlement of disputes

Any disagreement between Amza Line Invest SRL and the clients of mulajeinedite.ro will be settled amicably, otherwise appealing to the Romanian courts, within the county of Iași.

By registering on the mulajeinedite.ro website, you unequivocally express your agreement to the terms and conditions presented above, which has contractual value. That contract enters into force upon confirmation of the order by Amza Line Invest SRL(by phone or email).